Virtual recruitment consultant

Klaros will help you to find the proper employee quickly and easily.

The problem

To find employees for a job vacancy can be time consuming and sometimes a bet on the wrong horse.

The solution

Klaros, as a virtual recruitment consultant, sends all applications with a profiling report to you.

The result

You save time and target only those candidates with which a job interview is really worth it.


Klaros is your free e-recruiting tool and offers effective help in the recruiting process .

Applicant management

Klaros helps you to keep an overview of all your candidates and your talent pool .

Klaros - in a nutshell.

The process


You create a new job advertisement.


Ad templates

Optionally you create ads, using Klaros and it´s professional templates, and use these for newspaper ads, online career sites and your website.



You activate your Klaros advertisement for the desired persiod.



Your candidates deposit their CVs and other documents and take the Klaros profile test . You obtain the collected documents, including a profiling analysis via email.



You decide on a candidate - and win an employee Heart!



The usage of Klaros is free of charge.

Usage of Klaros is free and without obligation.

To request a quote for an extended use of Klaros for business please do not hesitate to contact us...


Support in writing ads Support in writing ads
  • Writing job ads can be a tricky task – you have to think about a lot. Just one single phrase can prevent a person from applying. Klaros helps with writing job ads by providing special phrases, sample texts, optimized ad construction to attract potential applicants in the best way.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to publish the ad in more than one place to make sure it is seen by the right people. Klaros prepares the ad in different sizes and helps to save time in creating the ad while ensuring that the result looks proper.
  • Ads have to be sent to newspapers, online-portals, websites etc. Klaros helps to deliver the content in the right way and format it for specific targets.
Profiling of all applicants Profiling of all applicants
  • The decision which applicants will be invited to an interview is very often based on subjective criterias such as name, age, gender or photo. Klaros provides an optional additional support for your decision by asking all applicants do a profiling test. The results of this test helps to make the decision more objectively and helps to hire people with right abilities.
Mobile usage Mobile usage
  • You want to look at a few applicants while you are on your way? If that is the case, you should have all the necessary data on your tablet or smartphone. Klaros provides the data of all applicants in a way that is optimized for the usage of those devices.
Collection of applicants Collection of applicants
  • When applying for a job ad, applications are often sent in differently. Some applicants even forget to send the necessary data, some send the applications as hard copies, some write a quick e-Mail and forget about the attachments. Klaros helps all applicants to provide the right data and presents this data in the same way. That gives you the opportunity to do a fair comparison of all applications.
  • The data and the documents of all applicants are stored in Klaros and can be sorted, filtered and printed in various ways.
  • Klaros offers all application data at a glance and you never have to search for a single application in your e-Mails, mailbox or folders.
Online evaluation Online evaluation
  • How do you handle all your applications at the moment? Do you print all the documents and make stacks with „yes/no/maybe“? Klaros gives you the opportunity of doing everything online.
  • Evaluate your applicants whenever and however you want – directly within Klaros.
  • With Klaros your applications are permanently available, even if you are working on it in the evening from home.
Collaboration Collaboration
  • Do you want to do the evaluation in a group and don’t know how? Do you forward all the application data to another person crucial in decision making process? Or do you send all the data to others simultaniously? With Klaros you can do your evaluation online and you can invite others to write additional comments. This enables group evaluations – always and from everywhere.
Limitation of application period Limitation of application period
  • You have posted a job ad and found the right applicant very soon? Not to waste time in additional search, Klaros can let your potential applicants know that the job is already taken.


Peter Hardwig

Peter Hardwig, managing director

The world of work is becoming faster. People like to change their jobs. Klaros always helps me to find the fitting people fast.

Andrea Rudler

Andrea Rudler, entrepreneur

Employees must fit together - this is extremely important to me. Using Klaros I can rate canditates very well.

Herbert Grönig

Herbert Groenig, manager

We are always looking for new talents. Klaros is an integral part of our homepage. The profiling does the trick!

Sabine Mayr

Sabine Mayr, managing director

Our employees perform a customer-facing role. Therefore certain character traits are really important to me. With Klaros I always find the appropriate staff very quickly...


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